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We Love Therapy Students!

One of our core values as an organization is Passion for Learning and we learn a tremendous amount from our students and recent therapy graduates! Because of this, we place a high value on having students in our facilities and have built strong relationships with fieldwork coordinators at a wide variety of universities and colleges. If you are looking for a fieldwork assignment please have your college reach out to us. Especially for students, we offer:


$2000 no strings attached scholarship awarded to a new student every three months


Grant program to help defray the cost of capstone projects for therapy graduate students

Virtual Student Training Program

World’s first virtual student training program for fieldwork students in Texas

Dedicated Clinical Instructor

To help you get the most from your time with us

Curriculum Enrichment

Curriculum enrichment at your school’s invitation to share what it’s like to work in our setting


The SPARC (Scholarship Program And Recognition Campaign) Scholarship is inspired by its namesake and the sense of liveliness and excitement that therapy students and new graduates bring to Ensign-affiliated facilities and in-house therapy programs.

SPARC Info and Online Application


ENspire is a seed money grant program designed to support therapy graduate students who want to elevate evidence-based therapy practice in post-acute rehabilitation and dignify long term care in the eyes of the world.

ENspire Info and Online Application

Therapy Mentorship Program

The therapy mentorship program is intended to provide “freedom within a framework,” offering a variety of tools and training opportunities for our mentees, mentors and therapy leaders while allowing maximum flexibility to address specific market and/or facility needs.

The mentor will remain committed to this relationship throughout the agreed upon timeframe and be accessible to the mentee.

Tools for the Mentee

A wide variety of tools and training videos are available on the internal portal for our new and tenured therapists to utilize for enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Rehab Policies and Procedures
Modes of Treatment
Documentation and Coding References
Documentation – NetHealth
Falls Risk Calculator
Clinical Programming
Cognitive Impairments
Exercise Prescription
Fall Reduction
Heart Rate Variability
Long Term Care Programming

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