5 Strengths of a DON/DOR Team

By JB Chua, DOR, PT, CEEAA, Summerfield Healthcare, Santa Rosa, CA

“If you play for the name in front of the jersey, then everybody will remember the name on the back.” — Sherwood Bassin

I did a book review with one of my employees this month, and we read The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. After I finished the book, I reflected on these dysfunctions and how my relationship with my coworkers is, specifically with my Director of Nursing, Enedina De La Cruz. I am so proud to realize that we have overcome all these dysfunctions, and I would like to share the strengths (antonym of dysfunction) that we possess. Hopefully, it will serve as an inspiration to some of our partners.

  1. Presence of trust: Dina and I are not afraid to be vulnerable with each other. We are open to admitting our weaknesses as well as acknowledging our strong instincts in our unique characteristics as people as well as leaders.
  2. Acceptance of conflict: Conflicts are bound to happen between Nursing and Therapy teams. But instead of creating an artificial harmony by not addressing the problem and being satisfied with inferior decisions, Dina and I engage in a healthy debate where we listen to each other’s opinions to come up with the best possible solution to our facility’s problem.
  3. Unwavering commitment: When a decision is made after our debate, we know that we are both in, even when it may not have been the idea we had in mind. For us, it is not about who is right; it is about our opinion being heard and how we can do things right.
  4. Extreme accountability: From making sure that UDAs are being done, to what time the fall committee should happen, Dina and I make sure that we are holding ourselves accountable. We call each other out when we notice that something is getting dropped.
  5. Paramount attention to results: Whether we get good or bad results, we make it a point to make sure that we understand how we get there, how we can make it again or how we can be better. Dina and I understand that we are not just aiming for the success of the Nursing or Therapy department; we are aiming at a much bigger picture: the success of Summerfield Healthcare Center.