Abilities Care in Action

Person-Centered Dementia Management, a Montessori-Inspired Program

At Legacy Rehab and Living, the protocol is a referral to therapy for any patient with a dementia diagnosis, a decline in function, and/or increased adverse behaviors with a goal to reduce psychotropic medications.

With these patients, we complete a comprehensive Life History Profile to develop personalized activities that tie in to the resident’s interests. We also administer the Allen Cognitive Level Screen/Allen Diagnostic Module to determine the resident’s cognitive levels and cognitive capabilities.

Motivating Patients

We value and appreciate each individual with dementia at Legacy Rehab and Living. We design interventions to facilitate the highest level of independence and to reduce adverse behaviors.

We begin by discovering activities that each resident enjoys to help motivate them to participate. By examining a resident’s preferred activities, cognitive capabilities, past experiences and remaining abilities, we are able to design meaningful activities that are appropriately adapted to the individual. Activities are:

  • Modified to be the just right challenge for the resident’s cognitive ability
  • Designed to engage all five senses
  • Designed to be meaningful and to provide the individual with dementia a purpose for an improved quality of life


Using this approach with dementia patients, we have seen a decrease in psychotropic medications, a decrease in behaviors, an improved quality of life and patient/family satisfaction, and improved quality measures. Above all, we strive to understand each person’s past in order to connect to their present and set them up for success at our facility.

By Marisa Parker, MS, CCC/SLP/DOR, Legacy Rehab and Living, Amarillo, TX