Behind the Scenes Superstar: Lori Whitman

This month, we are pleased to spotlight an amazing resource and friend, Lori Whitman. Lori is our accounts payable resource and provides incredible support to our therapy department.

Lori just celebrated her 9th anniversary with Ensign Services in May and lives our culture to its fullest. You can see her expressions of culture and focuses during simple interactions over e-mail with a nugget typically added to her signature line, which she changes up to recognize the seasons and the holidays, as well.

Lori is a true California native and grew up in Huntington Beach, CA. She is one of three with an older sister and younger brother. She has been living in Aliso Viejo, CA for 29 years, where she enjoys her weekends hiking with girlfriends and exploring new places, spending time with friends and family and an occasional off-roading jeep adventure with her husband! These off-roading adventures have taken them to beautiful places that they may not have seen otherwise and it has sparked an interest in buying an RV to take them to other areas throughout the United States, which they hope to do next year.

Lori has two sons and her younger son, Austin is 27 and getting married to Kayla in October this year up in Lake Arrowhead. Austin is pursuing his Masters of Family Therapy at Cal State Long Beach, which is Lori’s alma mater. Her older son, Ryan, is 36 and lives in Panama City, Florida. Lori’s mom lives in an IL/AL in Huntington Beach and she also spends time helping her mom and enjoying moments together.

When asked about what she loves most about her job, Lori shared that she loves the interactions with her co-workers and all the people she supports at her WA facilities as well as the Service Center departments and field. She then shot some therapy love our way by saying, “My favorite, of course, is the AP support for our Therapy Department. It puts a smile on my face knowing I am helping in some small way by paying invoices for Seminars/Educational materials for our nurses and therapy resources who bring new innovations to our facilities to help the residents.”

For those who attended this year’s Therapy Leadership Experience in April, you may have had the opportunity to interact with Lori a little bit during the Lip Sync contest. Lori was one of our judges and expressed that it warms her heart to see how much fun everyone was having. If you had the chance to meet her, you’ll notice that she is fit and healthy, which she attributes to the hiking on local trails, hiking on the beach, and working out in the gym. She has also finished many 10Ks and a few half-marathons over the years. Lori is such a positive person and expresses gratitude for her many blessings, which surely contributes to her well-being.

We are all truly blessed to have Lori Whitman a part of our lives as our AP resource and our friend. We are so grateful for everything she does for us. Lori makes US better.