Broadway Villa’s Patient Success Story

Submitted by Jennifer Raymond, Therapy Resource – Northern CA

Shell was first admitted to BWV on Nov. 29, 2019, following a devastating CVA. At that time, she was nonverbal due to severe expressive aphasia, NPO on a feeding tube and had significant sensory disturbances. She was unable to follow a very simple command, required max to total assist to perform basic self-care and was unable to ambulate at all.

Prior to the stroke, Shell had been independent with all of her mobility, ADLs and communication and lived with her daughter. She had an extensive course of skilled care with all three disciplines and made impressive gains. However, she did not acquire the level of independence necessary to return home, so she was discharged from therapy to RNA and considered a long-term care placement at Broadway Villa.

As a true advocate, DOR Shobha Neupane-Gautam is always looking for ways that therapy can make a difference. During her daily rounds in April, she interacted with Shell and saw positive changes in her and the potential for her to do more. OT re-evaluated and began to see marked improvements during their treatments such that PT and ST also started new courses of care a month later.

Shobha writes:
“Due to our persistent/compassionate care and comprehensive approach, this resident is singing, dancing with rehab folks. She is able to perform functional transfer/ambulation/ADLs requiring supervision to modified independence. She is very interactive and demonstrates happy expression. Rehab folks have coordinated with IDT/family members, based on her progress. Family is ready to take her home and enjoy her life.”

Shobha’s approach demonstrates an ability to not simply interact with our long-term care patients every day, but to really “see” them as individuals who can change and grow and thrive. Thank you, Shobha, and all the Broadway Villa therapists for your commitment to facilitating the “Can Do” in the residents you serve, for never giving up on human potential and always believing in the power of therapy to change lives.