Celebrating Our Team!

Celebrating Our Team
At Somerset Subacute Nursing and Rehab, it’s not just a job for our rehab team; we also enjoy each other’s company. We always find time to eat and celebrate!

At the same time, our therapists are always working diligently to find the best ways to support our patients through rehab. Below are some of the highlights of our rehab team’s efforts.

Physical Therapy

Our PTs work with all types of patients, including those who are developmentally disabled, deaf or mute. Our staff learned to communicate via sign language, and patients have progressed from total assist and unable to ambulate to Modified Indep without AD upon discharge.

In addition, our DOR, together with other PTs from various facilities, collaborated on PT Day of Service for Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month and was featured on the APTA website.

Occupational Therapy

We celebrated OT month together with Earth Day through the use of fine motor movements. We incorporated psychosocial stimulation of planting their own flowers and personalized it with their own pot painting.

Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists make a difference by making effective communication, a human right, accessible and achievable for all.

Our STs also work with trach/vent patients to address dysphagia and to improve overall quality of life.

By reaching out to one another and finding ways to connect as a team, we have built a supportive, interconnected culture at Somerset Subacute Nursing and Rehab. Even as we celebrate each other’s company, our therapists continually work together for the benefit of patients.

By Michelle Worth, PT, DOR, Somerset Subacute Nursing and Rehab, El Cajon, CA