Connecting Our Youth With Residents at Park View

Parkview event2I have to share about the beautiful morning I was privileged to be part of at Park View Post Acute Care in Santa Rosa, CA. The Abilities Care team at Park View hosted an event that was a gift to all those who participated, and even to those who observed from the sidelines. A local school has decided to partner with PVPA and will be a part of their Abilities Care team. The students will be part of the iPod music program for the residents, and I am sure the partnership will be rich and rewarding for the students and our residents. This morning was the kickoff event (despite being annual survey). The seventh grade class loaded onto their school bus and came to PVPA to perform a concert for about 25 of our residents in the park at the facility.

Jennifer Raymond, DOR, spoke to the children at their school yesterday, teaching them about the elderly and dementia. She also shared some tips about how to communicate with our residents.

Parkview event1

After the students performed for the residents, the Abilities Care team led the residents in their drum circle. The finale was the students playing “Circle of Life” with the residents playing along on their drums. Following the drumming, the students and residents mingled together.

The residents absolutely came to life, and the intergenerational exchange and engagement between the residents and the students was powerful to experience. The residents didn’t want to go back inside until they had said good-bye and seen the students load onto their bus and drive away.

The surveyors who watched the event told me this was something they would love to see at all facilities. It was clear how moving it was to the staff to see our residents regarded as elders by the students. There wasn’t a dry eye to be found.

Thanks so much to the team at Park View for making this happen despite the business of survey and daily life. It was so very special, and I was blessed to be a part of it.

By Gina Tucker Roghi, Therapy Resource