Discovering the Joy in Collaboration

Submitted by Dominic DeLaquil, Therapy Resource, ID/NV
Like all of the Summit Markets, Meadowview Nursing and Rehabilitation in Nampa, Idaho, is intently focused on building its Therapy-Nursing collaboration into something truly transformative.

Director of Rehab and CTO Kristen Bailey acknowledges that while they have only begun to scratch the surface of the various ways Therapy and Nursing can collaborate to improve quality metrics, increase staff retention throughout the facility, and improve the lives of the residents, she has already seen a significant change in the atmosphere at Meadowview.

“If you’re not in the building every day, you probably won’t see it. Our Nursing and Therapy have always gotten along, but it’s different now. I see the therapists and nurses having a different energy to their conversations in the hallways. I see them laughing with each other much more and in a way that’s different,” Kristen said. “It’s joyful! And it spreads and you can see it in the demeanor of the residents! It’s really fantastic.”

Thank you, Meadowview, for exemplifying two of our core values, Customer Second and Love One Another, as you work on your Nursing-Therapy collaboration. You are demonstrating how these two core values in action improve the day-to-day lives of your residents.