Ensign Field Recruiter Program

Ensign Field Recruiter Program – $1000.00 per Full Time HireRecruiting logo

What Is It??

As a field therapy recruiter, you will be responsible for contacting therapists who might have an interest in joining one of our facilities as a staff member and working to recruit them until they accept a position within our organization. You will be assigned to specific critical openings within our organization and you will work directly with the Therapy Recruiting Resource for direction. This program is to function as an addendum to our current Employee Referral Program and requires significantly more involvement in the screening/interviewing /hiring process by the Field Recruiter.

This process will include but not be limited to:

  • attending university recruitment events and therapy conventions to network with potential candidates
  • mining leads from our candidate tracking system and other resume search engines
  • working with the Therapy Recruiting Resource to determine best facility fit for each candidate
  • maintaining close contact with the candidate and consistently sharing information about our culture and the advantages of working with our organization
  • working directly with facility ED’s to coordinate interviews
  • assisting to close the candidate once an offer has been made


To qualify for this program you will be required to go through a training program which will provide you with a basic HR framework for screening and recruiting candidates as well as give you a recruiting skills toolbox to help you with the process. PLEASE NOTE: This program is not intended to take you away from your current responsibilities as a therapist. You will not be paid an hourly rate. You will be paid a bonus, as outlined below. The duties and responsibilities may not be completed during your regular work hours.

Who Can Do It?

  • You must be an employee in good standing with one of the facilities associated with the Ensign Group.
  • You must attend the paid (hourly rate will be paid for this training), pre-requisite training program
  • You will attend at least one off-site therapy recruiting event (i.e. university career fair or state therapy convention). Expenses for attending the event will be covered by our recruiting budget.
  • You will be required to verify that the candidate is not already being worked by any other Ensign affiliated recruiter including the Therapy Recruiting Resource.
  • You will document your progress with each candidate in our candidate tracking system.
  • You will be responsible for screening the candidate for basic qualifications and culture fit; describing our culture and position requirements and benefits; coordinating and ensuring an interview with the appropriate ED; assisting in closing the candidate once an offer has been made. Failure to participate in any of these steps could result in a reduced bonus amount.


How Much Can You Earn?

$1000.00 for qualifying full time hires; $500.00 for qualifying part time (20 hours/week) hires

Fine Print:

  • DOR’s are excluded from being a Field Recruiter for hires within their own departments (but can recruit therapists for other facilities within the Ensign organization)
  • PRN hires are excluded