Happy News from EPAR

By Paula Voorhis, PTA, DOR, Englewood Post Acute & Rehabilitation, Englewood, CO

In recent weeks, Englewood Post-Acute and Rehab has been handling the COVID outbreak with as much grace as possible. I just wanted to take a moment to share some photos of our celebrations of success.

This is our first group treatment since October, which is when we went into full lock-down, outbreak mode. It was organized by two of the most compassionate therapists I know, Emily White, PTA, and Wendy Garrison, OTA. The residents had a blast!

This is Ron; he was in a catastrophic car accident in 2019, which brought him to us. He received prosthetic training and was set to go home in early November, when he tested positive for COVID. Plans to DC home were postponed, but he made it, and has made it back home to Nebraska.

This is Jessica, the Clinical lead and head cheerleader for team Ron. We all cried like babies when he finally went home.




As a compromised patient, Glenna should not have survived, according to all our knowledge of the virus, but she did. What a happy day it was to move her off of the COVID wing back to her own room.

This was our very first survivor. She didn’t even know she was sick and was happily confused about all the fuss we were making over her. We are all truly thankful for the opportunity to celebrate with her. (photo of thankful I beat COVID)

While we all have the heartbreaking stories we carry in our hearts about those who didn’t make it, and the effects of long-term isolation and burnout as we care for our people, it remains good practice to reflect on joy and the many successes we all share to move forward. It is powerful medicine for the wounded and heart-sick amongst us.