Kudos to our Teams

The following was submitted via The Ensign Group, Inc. website:

To The Chairman of the Board & Respective Members:

Aloha. Who would ever dream that a once fit and healthy rugby player like me would end up in a healthcare facility at such a young, ripe and prime age like me. Well, I did, and here I am now at Orem Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. I wanted to inform you that I have been very impressed with our new Director Wes, and the way he operates and manages this facility. He leads with excellent guidance and management skills. As for our other team members here in management—like the Assisant DON Leslie; the office administrators Tina, Tenielle, Justyn, Whitney; in Physical Therapy Sam & Crew; in Recreation Sally and Crew; the CNA Coordinator Noa; to Brandon in Maintenance—all play a major role to my well-being. The Team here is all part of my healing process. They are in my book of life. I am here to heal and to rise up again to enter the workforce. I also stayed at Arlington Hills in SLC right after my surgery. I enjoyed my stay there as well. I will be sad when I will have to leave here soon, when I walk out on my own without a wheel chair or walker. Thanks one again for an awesome facility and a fine bunch of managers. I wish your company all the best for the future.



p.s. I will relay my experience to the people of Polynesia and others, and recommend that they stay and heal at one of your facilities.

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