Life Rolls On

“Founded by world champion quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer, “Life Rolls On” is dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injury. Believing that adaptive surfing and skating could inspire infinite possibilities beyond paralysis, “Life Rolls On” began as a splash into the unknown on Sept. 11, 2001; achieved 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2002; and now touches the lives of hundreds of thousands (”

Essentially the event helps individuals with special needs to be able to surf. Each person is given 30 minutes and assigned a team. In the picture, you will see just one team. All those people were helping that one surfer.


In an attempt to inspire culture and give back to the community, Amanda Marsella (Therapy Resource, Signum) helped coordinate DORs and therapists from San Diego to participate in this amazing event. The event is held each year in various parts of the world, but always eventually lands in La Jolla, California. Individuals from ages 4 to 80-plus are athletes in this event. They came from all walks of life and varying diagnosis, but as Jesse (the founder) noted in his opening address, there are people all around us who on the inside are far more disabled than those with physical disabilities. It is imperative that we reach out and help each other, that we love and serve one another, and that we make the world a better place.


One of the crowning moments of this event was watching my daughter sit on a surfboard to stabilize her niece (impacted by a near drowning accident and left unable to communicate or walk) and be pushed into waves by Jason Mraz (a huge advocate for “Life Rolls On”). We met some incredible people, our hearts were touched and we left inspired by how many good people there are in this world.


We had a goal to do three culture events a year with the therapists in San Diego. Thanks to Amanda for setting all of this up, we volunteered to help with “Life Rolls On.” Words are inadequate to describe this event. It was amazing! We had a handful of DORs and therapists that showed up.


I brought two of my kids. They kept asking me if this was something we would be able to do the following year. I told them for sure. In the language of “Life Rolls On,” we are “LROhana” for life!

Submitted by Sam Baxter and Amanda Marsella, Therapy Resources-Signum