Massage Vibration Brings New Life to Northern Oaks

by Billye J. Alford-Lee, DOR, Northern Oaks Living & Rehab Center, Abilene, TX – Mr. Lynn has been a resident at Northern Oaks for three years with a diagnosis of quadriplegia — he has struggled with seating issues due to extensor tone in UEs and LEs. After consulting with resources Deb Ellis and Jon Anderson, we trialed a massage/vibration mat to decrease tone prior to ROM and began assessment and fitting for a new custom power wheelchair. The vibration mat worked beautifully if applied approximately 20 to 30 minutes prior to treatment. The custom power wheelchair arrived five weeks later, with a head array and mouth control driving mechanism, allowing Mr. Lynn a newfound independence in mobility and quality of life that he had not experienced in several years. He also is able to control his television with the mouthpiece, as it is synced with his remote control.

Our therapy team has been so honored to work with Mr. Lynn in making a difference in his life. His amazing attitude and smile are such a joy to see, and the creative efforts of Ensign Therapy Resources and therapists have truly contributed to enhancing his comfort, independence and happiness here at Northern Oaks!

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