Optima Update

By Mahta Mirhosseini, Therapy Resource

Have you wondered what it would be like to go paperless with Therapy documentation? You can stop wondering, because our Optima software has features and modules that can help us go paperless today!

Clinisign is Optima’s answer for getting timely and efficient physician signatures for our therapy documents. Facilities that utilize Clinisign do not have to print out any of their therapy documents, because each eval and/or recert is electronically sent to the physician for signature. Once the physician e-signs the document, it is automatically returned to Optima and PCC, thereby getting rid of the need to scan our therapy documents into the Misc tab of PCC!

And that’s not all. Did you hear the great news about the revision to our therapy clarification orders policy? If you joined our last leadership meeting, you also heard that we do not need to write clarification orders for Part A residents whose physicians are using Clinisign. This is because our therapy evals/recerts have all the required fields of a clarification order, and by getting an MD Clinisign signature on our therapy document, we are meeting the requirements for a physician order. This is another huge step toward going paperless while maintaining compliance. Please reach out to me or your local therapy resource if you are not already using Clinisign, or if you want to use Clinisign to its full functionality.