OT Awareness in Colorado

Colorado HighwayApril is Occupational Therapy Month, providing a perfect opportunity to address the question on the mind of anyone who is unfamiliar with the profession: What does an occupational therapist do? AOTA provides consumers and healthcare professionals with this explanation: “OT is a profession that helps people across the lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. OT’s holistic and customized approach to evaluations, interventions, and outcomes help a child with disabilities participate in school and in social situations, assist a person recovering from injuries to regain skills, aid an older adult to stay as independent as possible, and offer the specialized support and services to people of all ages and in all circumstances that only occupational therapy can provide” (AOTA, April).

One OT in Colorado decided that OT month was a great time to help her coworkers, patients and family understand just what an OT does and how she can help them. Hannah Stillings, OTR, has been an OT for a little over a year and with Ensign at Littleton Care and Rehab for about six months. Hannah put together a plan throughout the month to spread awareness of OT. She began by hanging posters and articles in the gym and the main entrance explaining OT’s role in skilled nursing facilities. She brought cupcakes to her coworkers with “OT” on them. She spoke with staff, describing her role in the facility and how she could support her team members. Finally, the rehab team organized a facility-wide OT potluck in the gym area where everyone could view the posters and articles. Thanks to Hannah, the team members at Littleton Care and Rehab now appreciate the unique role of OT in their setting.

Are you interested in promoting and celebrating OT Month next year? The AOTA has lots of ideas for you! Click below for 10 simple ways to spread awareness at your facility and in your community:

Ten Things You Can Do To Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month

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