Our Goal? To Be a Magnet for Top Therapy Talent!

With more than 100 independent facilities currently developing new in-house therapy programs or fine-tuning their existing programs, our growing organization has an insatiable need for outstanding physical, occupational and speech therapy talent. An increasingly competitive market, paired with an ongoing shortage of qualified therapy professionals, has inspired us to ramp up the intensity of our recruiting strategies.

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to work with Ensign for many years sometimes forget how genuinely special our organization is. My goal is to ensure that all therapists (and soon-to-be therapists) out in the world have the chance to learn about our unique culture. If they know us, they will love us!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the cool and creative things we have been working on in order to spread the Ensign love in the past few months:

  • Our very first therapy-focused recruiting video filmed at Atlantic Memorial (you can view this at EnsignTherapy.com and also on all therapy jobs posted on Careerbuilder.com).
  • A more extensive and cohesive Web presence, including an ever-improving EnsignTherapy.com website, along with our brand-new Facebook page (also available through a link at EnsignTherapy.com), and all of our therapy jobs posted on a wide variety of career websites through our fantastic new applicant tracking system.
  • More than 30 university career fair and state therapy convention events attended by your Therapy Recruiting Resource, our enthusiastic Therapy Resources and awesome DORs during the months of September, October and November. Huge thank-yous are owed to Marlyn Praznik and Olivia Gonzales at the service center for their work in making this happen!
  • Per Diem Appreciation Project at select facilities with serious staffing challenges. We are promoting an iPad giveaway, which will take place in November. Per diem therapists can earn chances to win by working four-hour shifts — and 10 chances to win if they refer a regular part-time or full-time therapist to us!
  • Reaching out to Canada with jobs posted on the Canadian Physio-Therapy Association and Canadian Occupational Therapy Association websites as well as upcoming university career fairs and Canadian therapy conventions.
  • Taking advantage of the talents of two of our own stars, Rozina Hyderali and Nelson Layos, to spearhead the recruitment of foreign-trained therapists from India and the Philippines.

I am looking forward to the next three busy months of recruiting quality therapists for this great group of therapy departments. It’s exciting and rewarding to feel that spark in a new graduate when they suddenly grasp the amazing opportunity that Ensign offers to those who have the right stuff — or to help an experienced therapist who is burning out find their professional home in an atmosphere where they can renew and exercise their creativity and passion.

2 thoughts on “Our Goal? To Be a Magnet for Top Therapy Talent!

  1. Please contact me at the above address to discuss positions within Ensign. St.Joseph Villa in Salt lake is one I am interested in.

    thanks Barry Olsen

    1. Hi, Barry.

      I am sending your information to Jamie Funk, our Therapy Recruiting Resource and Kelly Alvord, our Therapy Resource for UT. THANK YOU FOR REACHING OUT. Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

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