#PIVOT for Nursing

By Dominic DeLaquil, PT, Therapy Resource, Pennant Idaho/Nevada

#PIVOT is the rally cry for Summit, which comprises the markets in Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Washington. It stands for Proactively Identifying Vital Opportunities in Therapy, and in September, the DORs in Idaho/Nevada decided to apply #PIVOT to support their Nursing partners. Here are some of the ways Therapy has been helping Nursing:

Monte Vista — Therapy is “donating” one hour per day to Nursing to answer call lights, pass trays, train on hoyer lifts, decorate the halls, etc. and it rotates among the Therapy staff, which helps the nurses and aides get to know the Therapy team better.

Owyhee — Therapy is doing the showers for skilled patients and they are also doing the assisted feeding in the RNA dining section at breakfast and lunch two days each week. They are also helping by doing larger groups, even with many non-skilled patients, so that the aides have that me to actually take their full breaks.

Meadowview — Therapy is lending their Rehab Tech to nursing to work on the floor and the Therapy team is giving more attention to call lights.

Rosewood — They are helping nursing to pass trays at mealtimes.

Creekside — Therapy has a PT assisting with ADLs on the COVID unit, and Therapy is doing resident showers on the skilled side of the building.

Bennett Hills — Daily Post-Stand Up Huddle with floor staff, led by Therapy to discuss admissions, discharges, appointments, room changes, and family visitation schedules. Monthly CNA meeting led by Therapy Program Manager to discuss opportunities for collaboration, education, ways to better support one another, and develop trust. Monthly recognition of specific CNAs that embody the CAPLICO culture, awarded with plaque and T-shirt.

The response has been extraordinary so far, and these are just the starting points! The DOR clusters are having an ongoing dialogue to share ideas and inspire each other to continue to find more ways to support their Nursing partners. Great job, Idaho/Nevada DORs. #PIVOT for Nursing!