Poetry in Motion: A Tribute to the Eden Alternative

Sonny Gonzalez, DOR, and Jennifer Daniels, SLP of Oceanview Healthcare and Rehabilitation in Texas City, Texas, have been participating in a national grant project of the Eden Alternative called Creating a Culture of Person-Directed Dementia Care. The Eden Alternative® is an international, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to creating quality of life for elders and their care partners, wherever they may live. Through education, consultation and outreach, we offer person-directed principles and practices that support the unique needs of different living environments, ranging from the nursing home to the neighborhood street.

Both Sonny and Jennifer have each shared poems they’ve penned in response to what they’ve learned. Sonny’s poem, Alone, echoes the message behind Eden Alternative Principle Three, which acknowledges that companionship is the antidote to the plague of loneliness. Click here to read Alone. Jennifer shares Night and Day with us. Her poem reflects the essence of Eden Alternative Principle Five, which names spontaneity and variety as the antidote to the plague of boredom. Read Night and Day.

(Sonny Gonzalez shared the above from the Eden Alternative site at http://www.edenalt.org/inspired-words-make-worlds/)