The Journey to Wellness at Plymouth Towers

The Journey to Wellness Wall of Fame at Plymouth Towers in Riverside, CA, began with an inspirational patient story. Cynthia arrived at Plymouth Towers following a flap surgery for a stage IV sacral ulcer. She was bed-bound for nearly two years following a spinal stroke causing paralysis, and she required 24-hour care. Despite the odds stacked against her, she announced to the evaluating therapists that she was determined to walk out of the facility and limit her caregivers to a couple of hours a daCorrect photo for Journey Articley. The therapy team supported her, but at the time thought that it was a near-impossible goal, especially given the fact that she was restricted from sitting up for the early part of her rehabilitation program.

Cynthia poured her heart into her therapy program, and incredibly enough, she walked out of the facility with a FWW and a huge smile of victory on her face! The entire staff was so moved by her inspirational story that they wanted to capture and highlight it in the facility to motivate others during those often difficult hours of therapy. Bobbi Ridge, DOR at Plymouth Towers, and her therapy team put their heads together, and the Journey to Wellness Wall was born. The team hopes to one day cover the entire wall with photos and stories of patients with the drive and determination to overcome limitations and accomplish the unexpected.

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