Therapist Profile: Andy Miyyapuram

Meet Andy! Satyanand Miyyapuram, better known as “Andy,” is an amazing PT at our Golden Acres building in Dallas.

Andy has been a Physical Therapist for 16 years and has spent the last four of them with Ensign. Golden Acres is an older, sprawling campus with primarily long-term care residents, including a locked dementia unit.

Andy spends each day truly living our core values and fulfilling our goal of dignifying long-term care in the eyes of the world. He spends every day finding what will help make the residents’ quality of life better. He uses his clinical skills to find the abilities of the residents, and he builds on those, creating a successful and elevating experience. He keeps them smiling and laughing, and many patients will agree to therapy “to only work with Andy.”

“To say that Andy is hard-working is an understatement,” states DOR Cara Koepsel. “He is always looking to learn new techniques and programming to better himself in caring for his patients. He makes our patients’ lives better every day, and in this setting, that is the most important thing we do. As an employee, Andy makes my life easy. He goes above and beyond his daily job duties, looking for patients to evaluate that may need his expertise, and constantly asking what he can do to keep Golden Acres patients happy.”

When he is not changing lives at Golden Acres, Andy loves to spend time with his children, taking them on long drives and out for ice cream! He loves to cook, dance and volunteer at his church. He believes it is important to also better your mind, and he enjoys going to the library on the weekends. He is currently working on his GCS and OCS certifications and hopes to finish by March 2020.

Andy’s work ethic and smile are contagious. You cannot help but be motivated after even the briefest of interactions with him, and we are truly grateful for all that he does for our residents at Golden Acres!