Therapist Profile – Dora Alvarez

Meet Dora Alvarez, a quiet Tucson superstar who prefers to be out of the spotlight! Dora has been with Sabino Canyon Rehabilitation & Care Center for eight years and loves being able to oversee the wonderful work and dedication her team demonstrates in helping one patient at a time. According to Shelby Donahoo, Tucson therapy resource, Dora has really come into her own in the past year and is one of our strongest therapy leaders in the Tucson market.

Dora was inspired to pursue a career in therapy after her mother’s terminal illness. She wanted to be able to help her mom have the best quality of life possible in the time she had remaining, and therapy was a way in which to accomplish that goal. As a leader, she emphasizes CAPLICO in her department by working with her therapists, facing all challenges as a team and helping her team believe in what they do to help improve the lives of others.

Dora would not change a thing about her demanding job — she believes that all the challenges and successes in the past have been a direct path to the positive place the facility is in now. Her favorite thing about her ED and DON is the trust they have in her as a leader, but from an outside perspective, I think Dora has earned that trust over the past eight years!

On a personal note, Dora’s favorite food is seafood, particularly shrimp and lobster. Her favorite Disney character is Simba from the Lion King because he was given a second chance to make a difference in his kingdom, which then helped him to become a great leader. When she is not working, Dora loves to spend time with her family. If you have met Dora, you might be surprised to know that one of the pastimes she shares with her family is big game hunting and fishing!