Compliance Corner

Your Friendly Neighborhood Compliance Partner

By Billye J. Lee, PT, GCS, RAC-CT, Therapy Compliance Partner — Keystone

My family recently went to see the new “Avengers” movie, being Marvel comic fans and all. Action flicks are a rare treat for our busy family, and the latest in the series did not disappoint. In one intense scene where young Spiderman decides he will stay and fight alongside his team, he states, “You can’t be a friendly neighborhood Spiderman if there’s no neighborhood!” Now, I’m not saying Compliance is nearly as cool as Spiderman, but I would agree with his premise: We are nothing without those we serve.

This statement is so true throughout our Ensign family and is a common thread within our CAPLICO culture. Without our employees, there would be no “who,” no bus to drive. Without our residents, there would be no purpose or “what,” no mission. And for Compliance, without our facilities and markets, there would be no team, no momentum.

As much as I would love to get high-fives, slow clapping and gasps of relief when I enter a building (Yay, Spiderman is here!), I know in reality, Compliance visits are not always joyous events. However, we would love to challenge that perception! Yes, it can be uncomfortable “turning over rocks and looking at the squiggly things,” but identifying our risks keeps us tethered to our process toward greatness. You see, we are on the same team! We love our markets, buildings, resources and staff members. We want to help you achieve your goals and add value to your systems. Being sustainable in a competitive industry means we have more time together to do what we are most passionate about.

Although Audits, IRO support and Investigations are critical to our role, Compliance can also provide education, in-services, clarification, observe meetings, answers to questions, and assistance with goals — dare I say, it can be the web that pulls it all together. As service providers, please reach out to your Compliance Partners if you need us or have questions. Even if you don’t have questions, but would like more information about a Compliance topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’re not sure who your Compliance Partners are, you can locate us on the Portal, under Compliance, at the very bottom of the page, at “Compliance Contacts.”

-“Greatness is not a matter of circumstance. Greatness is a matter of conscious choice and discipline.” Jim Collins ..OR, “Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.” Uncle Ben