Compliance Corner: CPT Code for Electrical Stimulation Treatment

Q. Which CPT code, 97032 or G0283, do I use to document the electrical stimulation treatment I am providing?

A. 97032 – requires the continuous skilled intervention of a therapist. You are actively involved in the delivery of the electric current to your patient. Some examples would be: 1) An application of Estim via a motor point probe; 2) Remote trigger to stimulate bilateral quads during standing in the parallel bars; and 3) The initial application of teaching a patient to use a TENs unit for home application. To bill 97032, documentation must describe the specific type of Estim provided.

G0283 – Most electrical stimulation treatments that are provided in therapy for non-wound care would fall under this code. This type of electrical stimulation requires the skills of a therapist to determine the settings and to apply the electrical stimulation, but there is no activity on your part in delivering the electrical current to the patient – the machine controls it all. Some examples include IFC and TENs.

(Reference: Medicare Policies and Guidelines-NCD, LCD, and Articles, LMRP)

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