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Our organization in Santa Barbara, CA, is committed to dignifying long term care in the eyes of the world through innovative therapy programs and local leadership. Ask us how our cutting-edge in-house therapy team is meeting this challenge and shifting the healthcare paradigm!

Channel Islands Post Acute Care offers:

  • a stable in-house therapy team
  • a variety of clinical settings including long term care, short term rehab, and outpatient
  • world-class clinical and operations support from our service center professionals
  • opportunity to practice to the top of your license in learning, creating and implementing programs for your patients
  • facility level decision making and local leadership

View PT/PTA and OT/OTA opportunities at Channel Islands Post Acute Care.

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Programs and Group Growth at our New Texas Acquisition

By Celeste Harvey COTA/L, Director of Rehab, Lakeside Nursing & Rehabilitation, San Antonio, TX

Lakeside’s first group experience since the recent acquisition was truly an amazing experience, not only for the staff but most importantly on how the residents interacted with one another. Initially, we as a team were not sure what the outcome would be for our residents. We learned very quickly about the energy and excitement a group can create, and the ability to engage our residents was nothing shy of amazing! We had residents who had not been able to sit up in a wheelchair actually move to the beat of the music. One particular resident was beating the drum as tears ran down his eyes. When we asked why he was crying, he stated, “Happy.” We are able to show our residents that there is a “fun” functional way to do their rehab. I feel confident that I speak for everyone when I say that we as a whole are so happy for the change that has been brought to us by this contagious CAPLICO culture, not only for us as employees but most important, for our dear residents — making them feel that we have their best interests at heart.

Making Someone’s Day

By Lindsay Fry, PT, DPT, CKTP, Cert. DN, CTO, Therapy Resource, Keystone – Missions Market, TX

I sat as the DOR at Mystic Park (a new acquisition) for October. Day one I tried to do an evaluation for a resident, Arturo. I introduced myself and said I was a PT, and was going to evaluate him for services. Arturo immediately responded, “I want to dance – play Madonna…Material Girl.” I was just thinking, oh my goodness, I hope this man doesn’t fall. He proceeded to bust a move in the middle of the hallway, singing along to every word. And no…he didn’t fall!

From that day on, Arturo would ask me for a song every time I saw him and, of course, I obliged. Once November came along, I was no longer at the building every day. Arturo would ask Jasmine, the DOR, every day when I was coming back or where I was. He would ask multiple times throughout the day. I decided I would get Arturo a small present since he was so fond of me and keeps asking for me.

Today I went to Mystic Park and gave Arturo this Bluetooth microphone. He immediately asked for Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. The microphone was already hooked up to my phone, so I put it on. He sang and danced throughout the building, showing everyone his new microphone. (Check out the video here). He hasn’t put it down all day. Every time he saw me in the hallway he had a huge smile on his face and gave me a BIG hug and thanked me over and over again. I think he’s going to want to sleep with his microphone LOL!

I can’t believe how much joy this gift brought him. Remember, it’s the little things that matter the most to our residents, and we can make a huge impact on their lives. This is my why.

Therapy positions open at River Pointe of Trinity Healthcare and Rehabilitation

Trinity, TX is a rural city with a population close to 2500 right between Houston and Tyler. Originally named Trinity Station, Trinity was considered a major railroad station in the late 1800s. Interestingly, healthcare and social assistance workers now make up the highest percentage of persons employed in Trinity at about 25%.

Trinity is a family-centered community. Trinity ISD, home of the Tigers, is a small school district with a low student to teacher ratio. There are several  great private school options nearby as well.

Located right next to Lake Livingston, Trinity boasts many fun water activities including tours and scuba diving through Texan Scuba at The Blue Lagoon in nearby Huntsville which is an actual crystal clear blue “lagoon.” The Texas Prison Museum and Hearts Veterans Museum are also must sees for history buffs and true crime fanatics. With some great restaurant options nearby, you’ll also never be without something delicious to try.

With several therapy positions open at our River Pointe of Trinity Healthcare and Rehabilitation, we think you would love to make the fun and family-focused city of Trinity your new home!

Therapy positions open at River Pointe of Trinity:


Birds of Different Feathers

Improving Work Relationships

Are you objective, analytical, and logical? Are you a natural team player? Are you lively and entertaining? Are you a natural born leader? The answer to these questions and more may help you to better understand your work style, but more importantly, the work style of your coworkers.

We all have unique personalities and different learning styles. What you appreciate about your work may be different from what others appreciate about their work. What do you think a lot about, value in others, enjoy or dislike? What you have trouble dealing with may be unique to your work style. Knowing and understanding what makes you and your coworkers unique may better strengthen your relationships.

Recently at Premier Care Center, we began a distinctive training style to identify ourselves and our work style. We then share with our coworkers each other‘s work styles in an attempt to strengthen our work relationships. The therapy department took on a fun adventure to better understand our own traits and those of us on our team and how we may improve. We were introduced to a training course called “Birds of Different Feathers”. It is a quick Personal Work Style Self-Assessment. Once everyone has completed the assessment they use the score on the assessment to identify their own ‘Bird Style’. Once you know your bird, you may read the course information that identifies your unique characteristics. Knowing more about yourself is only half the fun. Once everyone shares their own unique ‘Bird Style’ with the group, then we were all able to discuss and learn about each other.

Some don’t like to be micro-managed. Some are natural ‘cheerleaders’ and thrive on the creative energy of groups. Some will respond well when they can be given autonomy and the opportunity to exercise their best professional judgment. Some prefer not to be criticized or embarrassed in front of other people. They are sensitive and care deeply what others think of them.

It was quite enlightening to learn about our teammates. We now use this ‘Bird Style’ terms when we speak to each other and it has given us deeper insight into how better to communicate together. We even presented the course to the Premier Care Center Leadership Team, and they have fully embraced it as well. More recently it was presented to the Ensign Therapy Resources as a culture training piece. So what kind of a bird are you?

Are you an Owl – a data collector? Are you a Dove – a collaborator? Are you a Peacock – an artist/creator? Are you a Hawk – a decision maker? Find out your own unique ‘Bird Style’ and how are you may better influence your communication with your team or coworkers by taking the training on ‘Birds of Different Feathers’.

So what kind of a bird are you?

Assessment: Personal Work Style Assessment (pdf file)
Training: Birds of Different Feathers (pdf file)

Be sure to take the assessment first, then the training.

Improving the Cognitive Skills of Patients with Community Project to Support Animal Shelter

Janet Denney, SLP at Owyhee Health and Rehabilitation in Homedale Idaho, is not only improving the cognitive skills of her patients, but is also involving them in a community project that supports a local animal shelter. As part of their cognitive rehabilitation, she integrates following instructions, sequencing and problem solving to make Cut and Tie blankets. These blankets are then donated to Pet Haven Cat Adoption Center.

Janet has 25 years experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist and has spent 30 years working with animal rescues. Janet realized she could blend these experiences for something special. According to Janet, “Most people love animals, and making the blankets makes them feel useful. That’s what people lose when they are in long term care”. She also said that the shelters go through them pretty fast so there is always a need for more.

Pet Haven was so happy with the blanket donations, they took the time to send a letter of gratitude. They also provided photos of the cats looking very cozy with their new gifts!

A huge thank you to Janet for not only providing excellent care to her patients, but also involving them in a great community project.