Do Your Patients Need Better Grooming and Hygiene?

I think most of us would answer yes to this question!

I wanted to share a cool program that Adina Gray, SLP/DOR, and her team at Lake Village have started to meet the needs of their residents and see great improvements in this area:

At Lake Village in Lewisville, Texas, the therapy department saw a need for residents who either: didn’t enjoy showers, refused showers, had a decline in personal hygiene, and/or could benefit from some modifications and adaptations to their daily wash routine.

The OTs started by identifying the residents, and then we went about finding inexpensive but functional shower caddies (the Target College Essentials ones were perfect). They then talked to the residents and their families, and obtained the items that the patients would utilize and enjoy specific to them. For example, some families brought nice-smelling body wash, specific hair products for different hair textures,, good shavers and shaving cream for the men, etc. Items were labeled as necessary to help with carryover and ease of use.

We also established grooming and hygiene routines with laminated visual schedules for those who could follow them for doing things such as daily teeth brushing, washing their face and combing hair. And when OTs have established the routines and a patient is demonstrating good independence with the program, we then refer to ST in order to continue with carryover and use of visual aids and daily schedule to complete tasks as independently as possible.

Feel free to reach out to Adina ( or your therapy resource with any questions!

Submitted by Barbara Mohrle, OTR, Therapy Resource, Keystone North