The Power of Therapy and Nursing Partnerships

By Kelly Alvord, Therapy Resource, Sunstone UT
The Sunstone DONs and DORs recently participated in a combined meeting. This meeting of minds was designed to make sure we understand the challenges and initiatives of each other’s departments and to really collaborate where we could to help each other meet goals and obtain great clinical results.

Key partnership topics discussed:

  • We first pulled the “Rehab Screen Consultation F TAGs” POSTette from the portal. Each DOR presented on an F-tag from the POSTette and how the Therapy team will support and take the ownership of these tags for survey. For example, F Tags F684, F676, F677, and F810 all have to do with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). The teams addressed their strategies for therapy partnership with ADLs for this group of F Tags. We discussed specific actions and roles Therapy has to support the DONs to prepare for survey. The DONs learned how their DORs are truly their clinical partners. This discussion was very interactive. The DONs were excited to know we “have their back” when it comes to involvement with patients to prevent decline and help with survey results.
  • Deb Bielek introduced our Excellence in Programming and Clinical Care (EPIC) Programs. EPIC programs. The DONs and DORs all committed to collaborating and establishing an EPIC program for each of their facilities based on clinical needs and trends.
  • Clay Christensen presented on the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, which focused on establishing trust, being vulnerable, and not fearing conflict. This information was further validation of power of a strong DON and DOR partnership.
  • We also had fun together and had cluster competitions with an offsite activity.

With these dynamic partnerships with DONs and DORs, Sunstone is unstoppable!