Learning “Oppties” #9

Valentine’s Day, 2012. WE LOVE OUR THERAPISTS! AND, WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT LEARNING! Throughout the month of February, we are providing Learning “Oppties”. To learn more about the February Learning “Oppties” program, please read the introductory article posted January 31.

Today is not just a regular day. Today is special and we are looking for today’s “Oppties” as a chance to create something rather extraordinary. According to Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great, “The right people don’t need to be tightly managed or fired up; they will be self-motivated by the inner drive to produce great results and be part of creating something great.” As therapy resources, we are constantly inspired by the beautiful work happening in our programs every single day. Share with us today, on Valentine’s Day 2012, some of your “Great” and inspiring stories, results, vision, programs, goals….the works of your heart. The first 14 respondents will receive an “Opptie” award for inspiring greatness through your stories and examples. Have a beautiful day. Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

21 thoughts on “Learning “Oppties” #9

  1. Just reviewed some older “oppties” and what an awesome program!!! I don’t know what rock I’ve been under but I didn’t really know about this till yesterday’s call.

    Thank you!

    1. Lori, Thank you so much for your feedback! It’s fun and the therapists win prizes 🙂 We have had some really cool team involvement. We had 26 responses throughout the first week from ONE TEAM! They, of course, won. Last week’s team winner had 17 responses. I have started archiving some of the responses, but it is so cool to see people getting involved. And, it’s fun! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, Lori. Thank you, again, for your feedback. Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

  2. As a therapy department we have felt a need to recognize all the great work that other departments do. One day I was at Target and came across a shirt that said “King Ding Dong” and had a picture of a ding dong treat on it. The idea came that once a month we as a therapy department would recognize one individual who we noticed went above and beyond in helping the residents. Last week we awarded a CNA the first recipient of the “King Ding Dong” award. It was a hit. She is required to wear the shirt once a week for all to see and recognize. She then at the end of the month will sign the shirt and pass it back to therapy for us to then award another winner. I know that calling someone a ding dong is not the nicest of sayings but the spirit in which the ward is given and the humer of the shirt make this a highly sought after award 🙂

    Sam Baxter, PT, DOR Orem Rehab and Nursing.

    1. WOW, Sam. GREAT STORY. Thank you so much for sharing a cool idea for recognizing our people who inspire us. I am sure it is a hit! Enjoy your “Oppties” award for last week’s participation and we are putting one in for your response today, as well! Thank you, again, for your inspiration. Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

  3. Everyday is a great day at Paramount especially when we are able to send a resident home! Just recently we were able to send a resident home to her prior living environment. The day before I gave her a farewell gift. The fun thing about that was she was hard of hearing and also legally blind. I sat next to her and read the comments on the card that everyone at the facility signed for her and she cried. She was so pleased with all the staff and servcies she recieved here at Paramount. The next day she called me in her room because she has a surprise for me. She actually had her “Graduation from Rehab” shirt on to d/c home with the biggest smile! : )

    Eileen Paramount Health and Rehab

    1. WOW, Eileen. That story gave me goosebumps and I love hearing these stories about how our therapy teams work together to make such an impact on the lives of the people we serve. It is awesome. Thank you, again, for sharing your story! Enjoy your “Oppties” prize 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day. Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

  4. A year ago, I met a 68 year old man who is profoundly deaf with severe cerebral palsy. He has very limited intelligible speech but had been taught to read and spell by his family and can use his left index finger to type. Working with a local foundation, I was able to obtain a voice output computer system for this gentleman. For the first time in his life, he has a voice! It is amazing to communicate with him about his passions of astronomy, geology, and his favorite Utah sports teams! A truly remarkable man who is an inspiration to everyone!!!
    Speech-Language Pathologist, Paramount Health and Rehab, Salt Lake City, UT

    1. Oh, Rosalea, this is a beautiful story. I am so touched by, not only your creative problem-solving to help this resident achieve a higher level of independence, but also by the expression of your amazement with hearing and learning about his passions once the door to his world was opened. Thank you for touching our hearts on Valentine’s Day. And, Rosalea, thank you so much for being a part of us and making a difference in the lives of others. Enjoy Today. Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

  5. I have found it a great reward to see a patient who comes to our rehab facility in tears and pain following a total knee replacement, totally dependent upon other for even the basic needs,leave here in a couple of weeks back to near independence and so thankful for the help we have given them. It does take a great patient and hard work to get these results and the friendships I have made are long lasting.

    1. Michelle, thank you so much for sharing your example of great reward! We are blessed every day by the great work that we do and reading your story is such an true reminder. I want to send you an “Opptie” award for your response. I know you work in several of our Milestone facilities, but which one would be best for me to send your prize to? Thank you, again, for your participation and sharing your “great reward”. Happy Valentine’s Day. Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

  6. One inspiring story i have is one we all can relate to. After seeing a patient for a week, i knew for sure that the patient would not walk without max assist and could not function independently in any activities of daily living. I also knew that the treatment sessions would be long and confined to room treatment. The next monday i was slightly avoiding seeing this patient. Finally i went to see this particular patient. I was blown away and very pleasantly suprised. The patient transferred almost independently. She wanted to participate in the therapy room and her outlook was excited to be with us. I was blown away. Upon further reflection i decided that i cannot choose what a patient or person will achieve with or without me but that i should be excited to work with whomever and be happy to learn about them. And i just may be pleasantly suprised everytime!

    1. Forrest, this is such a great story. Thank you so much for sharing it. I believe in so many cases the therapy team is the last great hope for our patients. Obviously you created an impact and inspired her to not give up, but rather to keep persevering. AND SHE DID! Thank you, again, for sharing your experience. Congratulations on your success with your patient. And, thank you so much for participating in the “Oppties” program, Forrest. I will send you a prize and was wondering which Milestone facility is closest to you? Thank you, again, and Happy Valentine’s Day, Forrest. Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

  7. We are very new into our lives with Ensign at Careage of Clarion. In December of 2011, we went in-house with therapy with a whirlwind. Our best great story at this time is about a man, DK, who has been a resident for the past 9 months.
    Following a surgery for a bowel obstruction that the surgeons did not think he would survive, DK remained in the hospital for months. When he came to the facility as a hoyer lift transfer and very weak, he was seen by the previous therapy company and discharged within a month, progressing to an EZ stand, and a restorative program to walk him 10 steps, 3x per week in the parallel bars.
    In December, our in house team was approached by a nurse to check out DK for any possible means to help him walk.
    Our PT did an evaluation, and started seeing him 4 times per week. It wasn’t long before he graduated from several trips through the parallel bars, to walking in the hallways with assist. He was also one of the first patients to take a ride on our new NU Step.
    The crowning glory for DK, was the night he walked into the restaurant downtown with his therapists and nurses to surprise his sister and her husband. Needless to say, there were tears all around!
    DK is currently a 2 person assist, and continues to his goal of returning to his home.

    1. Betsy, GOOSEBUMPS! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story with us. This story shows the results of a wonderful partnership between caregivers, therapists and patient. And, the result is amazing and certainly inspiring. We are so blessed to have you and your entire team a part of our Careage of Clarion Home. Thank you so much for making a difference every single day. I look forward to spending time with you and your team soon. Happy Valentine’s Day. Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

  8. Great Story Today: Had a patient who is expressing her wants/needs and attempting to participate in social events in facility. So excited to observe her carrying over some of the techniques/strategies addressed in therapy.

    1. Hi, Ruth! Thank you so much for sharing your story of success! Those are the stories that remind us of our passion to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. I am so grateful you are a part of us. Happy Valentine’s Day. Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

  9. This morning a walked into work and had a heart box of chocolate waiting for me. Later, I find out it was from one of the patients that has been struggling with her knee and after one week of therapy she demo improvement with walking and her ADLs.

    1. Hi, Josy. How cool! Congratulations on making such an impact with your patient. It makes it all worth it when you can change the life of just one. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and thank you for sharing your story. Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

  10. 1) In November 2011, during Thanksgiving week, the therapy department wanted to express to the entire facility their gratitude for all they do to help make our jobs easier and the whole facility successful, so each therapist brought in a dessert and we invited the whole facility to come back to the therapy kitchen during the day and get a plateful of goodies and it gave us an opportunity to thank them personally. It was a great success. The therapy staff enjoyed bringing in homemade cakes, cookies, pies, etc. and the staff enjoyed eating them.
    2)The DOR and one of our PTA’s do Spa Day every month for our residents. We donate 3 hours on the third or fourth Friday of the month and come in and give foot soaks in foot spa tubs and then massage their feet and legs, while serving them hot tea or water with cucumbers or lemons. For a couple of them we have even arranged for live music. This Friday we have a cellist coming in to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

    1. WOW, Sonya! These are awesome and very inspiring stories. How cool to celebrate with your entire facility team. A celebration like sharing dessert and saying thanks can really go a long way in building team unity. And the spa day sounds awesome. I love the fact that you are able to keep this alive in your facility, even through the many changes happening in our healthcare environment. It’s neat for the community to get to see this kind of love and care being shared among your therapists and your residents. Please take pictures this Friday and share them with me so that I can post them. Thank you for sharing your inspiring stories. Happy Valentine’s Day. Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

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