Learning “Oppties”

WE LOVE OUR THERAPISTS! And, to CELEBRATE our PASSION FOR LEARNING, therapists, assistants and therapy techs working in facilities supported by Ensign Facility Services, Inc., will have the opportunity to LEARN AND WIN. In the July 2010 issue of Spirit Magazine (Southwest Airlines), Jay Heinrichs authored an article about a concept of giving back to employees by rewarding them with something that can help make them a little better. Heinrichs termed these rewards, “oppties”. We loved the idea and WE LOVE OUR THERAPISTS! So, for each day during the month of love (yes, February), a new learning opportunity related to various topics will be posted to the “LEARNING OPPTIES” page on www.ensigntherapy.com. Read the message, review the question and blog your response by hitting the “Discuss” link. You can also fill out the “reply” section located just below the question. Timely and correct responses will be entered to win “Oppties”. In addition to individual winners, there will also be other “Oppties” awarded, such as highest number of participants from a facility therapy department over a period of time and teams with the most consistent participation throughout a period of time. Winners will be posted. Don’t forget to check us out at www.ensigntherapy.com each day, beginning February 1, 2012, for your opportunity to LEARN AND WIN!

17 thoughts on “Learning “Oppties”

    1. Hi, Jane.

      If the inital mode of treatment the patient receives is individual, then you are correct! We would record the set-up time as individual. However, if the initial mode of treatment provided to the patient is group or concurrent, then the set-up time would be recorded under the initial mode (in this case, either group or concurrent). The RAI Manual for MDS 3.0 v1.07 addresses this topic in more detail in Chapter 3, Section O, page 17. Thank you so much for participating in today’s Learning “Opptie”. Stay tuned for tomorrow! Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

  1. I worked with an old parkinson’s patient today. He has not been walking for over a year. We got him to walk today with MAX A. It didnt seem like much. the wife saw everything and was crying tears of joy. It was all worth it. knowledge is power.

    1. Hi, Franco. Thank you so much for your story. It is so cool to see the how much the families of our patients appreciate the successes. Congratulations on your SUCCESS and thank you for sharing your inspiring story. I will be sending a Valentine “Opptie” award to you, Ruth and Josy. Happy Valentine’s Day. Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource

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