Moment of Truth - Gordon Murray

Submitted by Kelly Schwarz, Therapy Resource

Gordon Murray, Rehab Tech, has worked at North Mountain Medical and Rehab Center for over 14 years. Gordon has built many friendships with residents over the years due to his calm, gentle approach with residents. Gordon has a gift for motivating therapy patients, builds special bonds with them and has been referred to as “The Patient Whisperer” by his peers!

Gordon discovered that one of the therapy patients, Leigh Gholston, was very apprehensive about getting his hair cut in the facility. Upon hearing this, Gordon spoke with his own barber to see if he would come in with Gordon to cut Leigh’s hair. Gordon’s barber was anxious about going to a “nursing home;” his barber pictured a dark, impersonal building and did not want to come in to do the haircut. Gordon was able to convince him that our facility is not at all what he was imagining, and finally he agreed to come cut Leigh’s hair.

Gordon drove his barber here on his day off for the haircut. He was amazed at how North Mountain is such a bright, cheery, welcoming facility, and he really enjoyed his time with Gordon and Leigh! Further, Leigh was thrilled with his new haircut and enjoyed his “guys’ day” as well!

Thank you, Gordon, for making a difference in Leigh’s life and improving all our residents’ lives with your special “gift!” And thank you for providing our guest with a great North Mountain experience, which impressed and awed him!

Through Moments of Truth, we will dignify post-acute care in the eyes of the world.