Nursing Profile-Kiran Sahota

Submitted by Jamie Funk, Therapy Recruiting Resource

Kiran Sahota is Director of Nursing Services at Park View Post-Acute Care Center in Santa Rosa, California. Kiran exudes a warmth and friendliness that makes a person want to know her. She joined Parkview in 2006 as a certified nursing assistant, working full time while earning her RN and MSN. She quickly assumed the DON role where she has been successfully leading and inspiring those around her ever since.

As a clinical leader, Kiran loves the many opportunities she has to work as a team and collaborate with her colleagues on a multitude of levels. As a clinician, she finds great joy in taking care of her staff and her patients. She conducts regular meetings with her staff not only to address issues that come up, but also to celebrate with them in their successes. She is on the floor in the facility daily, doing rounds and stepping in to help her team with anything at any time. Kiran’s office door is always open, and it is a welcome place for everyone in the facility.

When asked what makes her team special, Kiran says, “My team at Park View is exceptional. Everyone at Park View works very well together and we are all here for each other. The entire Park View team is selfless and truly takes ownership. Our therapy team is amazing and their passion to collaborate with the nursing team is special.”

Balancing work and a personal life is not an easy task as a DON, but Kiran feels fortunate to work with a team who respects each other’s boundaries. “The trick is to have the right people on the bus. If you have the right people on the bus in the right seats, work and life balance will fall into place automatically — and that is the beauty of Park View,” she explains.

Kiran’s favorite recreation is playing with her two small children in her favorite place — her home. “I am a homebody and not very fond of traveling and adventuring. I love to stay home and spend quality time with my family and kids — this is the most beautiful place for me,” Kiran says.

Kiran recharges her battery by reflecting on each day and journaling about the day’s events. “I look at what went right and what went wrong and look in the mirror to see what I could have done differently in these situations,” she explains. “I look for ways to have fun in my work and make it fun for those around me — to smile and make everyone around me smile through the hard times.”

Kiran’s favorite Disney character is Mufasa, who says, “We are all connected in the circle of life.” This is meaningful to Kiran, who believes that there is a bigger reason that we meet our work colleagues and patients — we all meet because we are connected in the circle of life. I feel fortunate to have this connection with such an amazing leader.