Super Heroes at City Creek!

By Gary McGiven, Therapy Resource, Milestone
The employees at City Creek Post-Acute in Salt Lake City, Utah, truly are superheroes. City Creek has partnered with the state to become a COVID-only building. As part of this partnership, City Creek was required to temporarily place their residents in sister facilities throughout the Salt Lake valley. This was a huge undertaking in and of itself and was the beginning of building something very special at City Creek.

In order to make this venture work, there needed to be some blurring of discipline lines with an “all hands on deck” approach. Those working in the facility needed to be on board with helping these residents in any way that was necessary. This meant therapy staff would spend time performing housekeeping, CNA and other duties in addition to treating patients for their therapy needs.

In speaking with Ray Yarman, the Director of Rehab at City Creek, she has expressed, many times, the appreciation she has gained for our nurses and CNAs as she and her staff have been working alongside them, in the COVID trenches. Ray says she wishes all therapy staff could gain this personal perspective of the amazing things our nurses and CNAs do on a daily basis. This experience will most definitely change the way Ray and her team operate, as they have bonded with the nursing staff and have built long-lasting relationships.

Many thanks to our amazing nurse partners for all that you do to give our residents the quality of life they deserve.