Therapy/Nursing Partnership

Submitted by Paola DeLuna, Therapy Resource
Hope Eaton (DON) and Sunny Chahal (DOR) at Eastview Healthcare in Houston, TX, have worked together for five years as a DOR/DON team. They both started working together while being new and have grown up by making mistakes together and finding solutions as a team. They call each other out on one another’s shortcomings and/or unproductive behaviors, but always make sure they genuinely apologize to one another when saying something inappropriate or something damaging to each other.

Having faith in each other, being honest with each other and building trust between them has allowed them to form a partnership where they can challenge each other. They admit their weaknesses and mistakes; they show “Love one another” by talking positively about each other; they are loyal and care about one another’s personal lives. They have created a partnership where they can push each other out of their comfort zone to initiate new programs that they both feel would benefit the facility and the residents.

Hope’s drive has pushed Sunny to implement programs like: Heart PARC Recovery program, Outpatient Therapy, Contracture Management and Wheelchair Positioning programs. The building had an IJ in the past due to wounds, and Hope partnered with Sunny and guided him to start a Wheelchair Positioning program for the LTC residents. The facility currently has 25% of the LTC residents in customized wheelchairs and have received no harm tags since then. Through accountability and ownership, they are passionate and unguarded in any discussion issues and have shown what a true partnership can accomplish.