Therapy/Nursing Partnership

At Glenwood Care Center in Oxnard, CA, Cherryll Santos (L) and Aimee Bhatia (R) have a unique close relationship. Cherryll’s 18 years of leadership are evident in the culture of the nursing department, as this is a happy, cohesive team with strong clinical systems in place. Aimee, DOR, has been at Glenwood as a treating OT for five years, and a DOR for almost three. The relationship between these two leaders has a big impact on how nursing and therapy work closely together.

Cherryll and Aimee collaborate on clinical decision making and utilize each other’s strengths to collaborate with physicians, build programs, nurture relationships with families, and ensure excellence in patient care. The therapy team has a Culture Committee to partner with nursing in spreading love, celebration and appreciation to the CNAs and nursing staff. It’s amazing what a little bit of recognition and gratefulness does to boost morale!

The department head team also initiated a “random acts of appreciation” task force where the department heads pass out small gift cards when someone on the floor is noted to go above and beyond with their job assignments or to assist co-workers — once again, a simple gesture that goes a long way. For nurses week this year, a few department heads teamed up to plan daily dress-ups and games/events to appreciate staff and make them feel loved.

On a daily basis, therapy assists with CNA training and in-services to ensure quality of care and reduce workplace injury. We work closely with nursing to establish appropriate fall precautions for high-risk residents. We advocate for needed services for our long-term residents while working hand in hand on identifying appropriate residents, and we work closely with RNA to ensure a continuum of care and no loss of function that is preventable. Our Glenwood Care Center nursing and therapy partnership is a powerful team of dedicated clinicians with the common goal of providing quality care, a safe environment and opportunities for residents and staff to flourish.